Lars van der Lee

Project Manager

The Board

The board is responsible for managing the organization and the project. The board works closely with the group leaders to ensure that development projects are feasible, progression is made and budgets are kept. In addition, the board is responsible for the development of the organization, HSE and all other aspects included in the management of an engineering firm.

Rasmus Søvik

Deputy Project Manager

Ole Jørgen Halvorsen

Head of Finance

Caroline Tran

Head of Marketing

Colin MacDonald

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Viktor Korsnes

Chief Electrical Engineer

Kristian Sandaa

Chief Driverless Engineer

Caroline Tran

Head of Marketing


The marketing group is responsible for sponsorship agreements and follow-up, marketing and public relations as well as our web site and social media profiles. The group plans and carries out our yearly career day, RevolveDagen, and the official unveiling of the car. At the competition the marketing group is responsible for the business presentation.

Tobias Back

Key Account Manager

Espen Bergset Jacobsen

Key Account Manager

Mohammad Rafi Khajeh

Web Developer

Jeeviga Gunathasan

Graphic Design

Marcus Henriksbø

Software Group Leader


Revolve Analyze is our in-house developed software used to analyze data acquired from the car’s sensors. It receives real time telemetry data during test drives as well as racing, and is essential for continuously improving the car and drivers throughout the season.

Filip Jacobsen

Software Engineer

Vegard Skui

Software Engineer

Petter Jones Gudbrandsen

Software Engineer

Dag Økland

Software Engineer

Magnus Wiik

Software Engineer


Hermann Peter Schips

Power Systems Group Leader

Power Systems

The Power Systems group is responsible for providing reliable high voltage and current from our in-house designed battery pack to the motors in the most efficient way possible. Employing safe monitoring tools and ensuring that any failure in the electrical system will not harm the driver or the crew is essential challenges. The group will also work to reduce the effect of EMI on the car’s systems.

Daniel Vorhaug

Wire Harness

Ivar Hansgård

Accumulator Responsible

Bjørnar Åsebø

CAD Responsible

Edvard Ronglan

Inverter CAD

Eirik Sæther

Accumulator CAD

Sindre Solberg

Embedded Electronics Group Leader

Embedded Electronics

This group is responsible for all low voltage systems on the car, such as the driver interface, safety systems, wire harness, sensors and data acquisition. In addition, the Electronics group work closely with the Software group to transmit telemetry data wirelessly to their in-house developed software Revolve Analyze.

Jostein Brovold

Accumulator & DCDC Management System

Théo Degeorges

Accumulator Management System

Sivaranjith Sivarasa


Silje Marie Marholm

Safety Systems

Robin Henriksen


Hermann Sundklakk


Francesco Fanin

Motor Controller

Eskil Aaning Mogstad


Trym Sneltvedt

Vehicle Control Unit

Adrian Leirvik Larsen

Aerodynamics Group Leader


The aerodynamics group is responsible for external and internal flow of the car. Through CFD analysis, they are developing an effective and lightweight aerodynamic package, using high-lift wings, the underbody, as well as the car itself, to create downforce. They also develop a water based cooling system for the electric motor and inverter, and an air based cooling system for the accumulator, designed to allow all the components to run at optimal temperatures.

Kristoffer Finnson


Johan-Petter R. Dragic


Amrinder Dhillon

Fasteners & Production

Jørgen Norheim


Clara Ghattas

Monocoque Group Leader


The monocoque group is responsible building and designing the monocoque, a self supporting bodywork made out of carbon fibre. They will integrate the driver environment and the parts of every other group into the car, while maintaining the safety of its components and the driver.

Phillip Norman Johansen


Maria Sagberg Bakk


Helena Treffen


Mathias Egeland


Amer Kalac


Audun Ryland

Suspension & Drivetrain Group Leader

Suspension & Drivetrain

The Suspension group is responsible for the dynamics of the car, and the mechanical aspect of the tractive system. These systems include the wheel assembly, steering system and brakes, and an in-house developed planetary gearbox, The main objective of the suspension is to make the tires maintain grip during all driving situations, and provide efficient power output from the motors. Our focus is to make a car with good handling characteristics and consistent feedback to the driver.

Mathias Lien

Braking System

Wangqiao Zhang

Structural Suspension

Sondre Audal

Pedal Box

Sindre Sagstad

Structural Suspension

Ola Flåskjer


Kenneth Gundersen

Motor & Gearbox


Jonathan Eide

Perception & Navigation Group Leader

Perception & Navigation

An intelligent autonomous race car must be able to map and perceive it’s surroundings in order to navigate unknown territories at higher speeds. Perception & Navigation combines live sensor input from LiDAR detection, camera imaging and State Estimation to solve the driving problem using algorithms such as SLAM, Neural Net Inference, Visual Odometry and Dynamic Track Finding.

The algorithms are extensive, and we are responsible for developing the logic that sees and interprets the world around the vehicle. In simple terms, we are the eyes, ears and brain of the car, facilitating its driverless operation.

Isak Hammer

CI & Simulation

Waleed Elzoghby

Computer Vision Engineer

Per Kvinnesland Omvik

Localization & Mapping

Mats Schiøtz

System Engineer

Johan Ludvig Holst

Path Planning

Benjamin Palerud

LiDAR Detection


CI & Simulation

Vehicle Dynamics & Control Systems

Vehicle Dynamics & Control system is the group responsible for the dynamic behaviour of the car and the control systems used for optimal control of the vehicle.
We ensure that all available grip is used to accelerate the car through the racetrack.

Torbjørn Smith

Vehicle Dynamics

Håvard Fagerås

Torque Vectoring

Christian Trandem

Adaptive dampers

Marius Hamre Nordrik

Adaptive Dampers

Christine Sääv Borg

Control System

Jacob Dahl

Torque Vectoring

Tonja Joseph

State Estimation

Marius von Hafenbrädl

Mechatronics Group Leader


The Mechatronics group is responsible for the actual physical car. Maintenance of the existing electrical and mechanical systems on the car is carried out by this group. They also make the physical changes that are required for the car to function as a self-driving autonomous vehicle. Their tasks involve, but are not limited to: Designing and manufacturing the necessary actuators for control and braking, designing brackets and mounting the required sensors, as well as designing and making circuit boards that run the autonomous system.

Hemund Engmark Øyulvstad

Steering, Brakes & CAD

Kavindu Ratnayake

Accumulator, Wire Harness, & PU

Martin Brøste

Accumulator, Wire Harness, & PU

Sindre Kummervold

Autonomous Control Unit

Jonathan Sivakumar

Safety Systems

Henrik Skarre Abrahamsen

Steering, Brakes and CAD

Clemens Martin Müller

Autonomous Control Unit


The drivers are the ones that will be driving our race car, both during testing and in the competitions. They will be taught by our drivers’ coach.

Herbert Wikheim


Maria Sagberg Bakk


Sindre Sagstad


Mathias Lien


Théo Degeorges


Hemund Engmark Øyulvstad


Mats Schiøtz