Revolve NTNU has expanded with a brand new project, namely Driverless. This project is run alongside the original goal of Revolve to develop and build a formula-style race car within a year with the intent of competing in the Formula Student competition. This year we are therefore both building a completely new electric car and simultaneously changing Eld to become self-driving. The aim for Revolve Driverless is to have a running car in the new category of Formula Student, Driverless Vehicles, which is a competition alongside the traditional Electric Vehicle and Combustion Vehicle classes.

The team consists of 22 members with different backgrounds whereas their tasks will range from object detection via localization and mapping to the electrical and mechanical systems of the car Eld. A responsibility for the whole of Driverless independent of the groups is to design and control the software architecture and the software guidelines in addition to getting to really know the car. The project is divided into three groups, Perception, Guidance & Control and Vehicle, which all have their focus areas and tasks, but still has to work well together for the whole system to work.

The Competition Events