Every year a new race car comes to life representing all the hard work of a dedicated team. A race car is the perfect platform for complex and interdisciplinary engineering. Each car stand out with unique characteristics and features, all developed by engineering students at NTNU. After a car has raced at the Formula Student competitions, it is used for testing, drivers training and on numerous promotions and events. Even though Revolve NTNU has a history of taking big steps every year, there is a clear knowledge and experience transfer from one team to the next. The cars represent our legacy and we will continue our steep learning curve to design the best engineered car in the field.

KA Borealis R

KA Borealis R was the first car developed by Revolve NTNU. The car features a tubular space frame, carbon fiber body and a Suzuki GSX-R 600 engine. The car was awarded Best Newcomer Award at Formula Student UK in 2012 and finished in a strong 17th out of over hundred international teams. Further on the car set a standard for Revolve NTNU in terms of design and quality of finish which has been kept by the team ever since.

KA Aquilo R

KA Aquilo R was the second car developed by Revolve NTNU. The car had the same basic concept as the 2012 car, but introduced a wide variety of new systems, solutions and improvements. The innovations on the car include a full aero package, adaptive suspension, continous variable air intake and a CAN-bus electronic system. The car was awarded National Instruments Measurement and Control Award for the electronic system and control systems at FSUK.