Each year we search for students from all disciplines at NTNU to join our team. We are looking for students who want to develop themselves as engineers and as people. We have no demands for prior experience, and our main criteria for admission is motivation and hunger for knowledge. If you love problem-solving and would like to get a true insight in to the world of engineering you are just the one we are looking for.

An unforgettable experience!

Through participation in the organization you will learn a vast variety of skills through internal courses and hands on experience. You will receive a specific role and task in the team which you will plan and control yourself. The team is always eager to learn and push the boundaries of solutions. Revolve NTNU is the ultimate arena for the engineering student who want to put his or hers knowledge to use in arguably Norway’s most engaging student project.

Our main focus is personal development. Thus we believe that the ability to affect the goals and solutions for your area of responsibility and for you to plan and keep within given budget limits are important to understand projets and development processes. Further on, if you have a role in our technical division you will map out different concepts for your area, make a concept decision, move on to design, simulation and testing before starting production. In marketing and finance we also have exciting projects and tasks. How would you like to help raise all the money and market the work of NTNUs most hard working students? The possibilities in Revolve NTNU are endless.

Revolve NTNU does three admissions a year:

  • February: Admission and selection of board members for the following year.
  • May: Group leader admission
  • September: Main admission

The official application will be available at this page closer to the recruitment period. All admissions are open for all disciplines, and year of study.

Each year there are several members who write their project- and masters thesis about areas on the car. If you are interested in writing your thesis on the project, please contact us.

If you are interested in joining the team, sign up for our admission mail list to receive information when we are recruiting!

Having worked my way up, I appreciate that to develop a good grounding in engineering, practical experience is essential. Formula Student combines hands-on practical applications with students’ academic studies, but also gives experience in vital skills such as budgeting, project management and team work. Whether the competitors go in to motorsport or a different sector of engineering, Formula Student will help towards their future success.

Ross Brawn, Team Principal MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS F1 Team

Being a part of the Revolve NTNU team has been one of the single most defining experiences of my life, both on a personal and a professional level. Working together with highly motivated teammates, building a high performance race car within strict deadlines and budgets, and countering real world challenges, quickly accelerates learning and understanding, complementing theory learned at NTNU. Revolve NTNU gave me the experience and knowledge required to land my dream job.

Steffen Johnsen, Kongsberg Autmotive

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for applying?

No prior knowledge is required! Our only requirement is that you are a student at NTNU.

I’m not sure I’m qualified?

We get this question all the time, and we can understand the project might look intimidating from the outside. Truth is, none of us has ever built a race car before we joined Revolve NTNU. By breaking up a very complex task into smaller and well defined areas of responsibility, we are able to achieve great results. For example, we have one person whose sole responsibility is the brake system. Having specialized tasks allows you to quickly get up to speed and learn what you need to know. You’ll be an expert in no time!

What are you looking for in a candidate?

We are mainly looking for motivation. If you are motivated and willing to put down the time required you will succeed!

What positions can I apply to?

Have a look at our team page to see what different positions we have this year. You apply to one or more groups of your interest, and we will help you determine what you will work on.

What non-engineering positions can I apply to?

There are many aspects to the project. Our marketing group help finance and market the project. Our marketing group needs a sponsor manager, PR manager, event manager, graphic designer, website manager, photography and video and more. We also have a finance manager and cost event manager.

I’m a first year student. Can I still apply?

Yes, we do have some first year students in the team. We help each other out and learn fast. Many of our members stay with the team for several years, and first and second years students are important for continuation and knowledge transfer between the teams.

If I join, how much time should I expect to spend on Revolve NTNU?

We tell our members to expect to use on average 40 hours a week on the project. The work load will vary, depending on your tasks and how the project is progressing. We find that this is rarely an issue, you will love what you do!

How does Revolve NTNU combine with my studies?

Most of our members study full time while being members of Revolve NTNU. However, the project is time consuming, so you will have to be structured to make it work. The exam period is taken into consideration and the work load is usually lower around exams. If you are an engineering student, our experience is that you will learn more from your work at Revolve NTNU than from class! Revolve NTNU also has it’s own classes, TPK414X which provides 7.5 credits each semester. The grade is pass/failed.

Can I apply to be a driver?

Our drivers are recruited internally, so you will have to apply for a position in the team first! We usually have five drivers, who in addition to their usual task in the project, does go kart and simulator training throughout the year.

How do I apply?

You apply through this page when we are recruiting.

When do you recruit new members?

Our main admission is in August. We recruit group leaders in May, and board members in March.

How can I get notified when you are recruiting?

Join our admissions mailing list by filling out your email address on this page, or follow us on Facebook to stay updated about admissions.

How does the admission process work?

After you fill out our application, you will do an interview with a few of our group leaders or board members. In the interview we are looking to get to know you and your motivation for joining the team. Nothing scary! You can write your application in Norwegian. Interviews are also held in Norwegian (and English if you don’t speak Norwegian).

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact us by email at our send us a message on our Facebook page. During our recruitment period you can find us on stand at NTNU Gløshaugen.