Team 2015 of Revolve NTNU consists of 50 members from 13 different engineering disciplines and all years of study. Together we will design and build Revolve NTNUs next electric race car. Hard work and close cooperation makes a strong team that is essential for everything we do. Meet our team.

Roy Andreas Iversen

Team Captain

The Board

The board is responsible for managing the organization and the project. The board works closely with the group leaders to ensure that development projects are feasible, progression is made and budgets are kept. In addition, the board is responsible for the development of the organization, HSE and all other aspects included in the management of an engineering firm.

Kurt Erik Nesje

Chief Engineer

Bjørn-Ivar Bogfjellmo Haug

Chief Deputy Engineer

Magnus Buseth

Head of Marketing

Rasmus Munter

Head of Finance

Jonas Fossnes Blekastad

Elected Representative

Kristian Roaldsnes

Elected Representative

Magnus Buseth

Head of Marketing


The marketing group are responsible for sponsorship agreements and follow-up, marketing and public relations as well as our web site and social media profiles. The group plans and carry out our yearly Revolve Day and the official unveiling of the car. At the competition the marketing group is responsible for the business presentation.

Adrian Baloku Vigre

Sponsor Manager

Halldis Søhoel

Event Manager

Andreas Leirvik

Event Manager

Sandra Larsson

Graphic Designer

Anders Engebakken

Group Leader


The monocoque group is responsible for combining the parts of every other group. This includes the impact attenuator, the packaging and main integration concepts of the car, along with the groups main task; designing and building the monocoque, a self supporting bodywork.

Brage Marvik


Jon Eide Pettersen

Calculation and SES

Per Øyvind Valen

Crash Nose and Composite Testing

John-Arne Berg

Group Leader

Drivers Environment and Ergonomics

The Drivers Environment and Ergonomics group is responsible for drivers environment and safety. This includes the steering wheel, seat and pedal assembly. Making sure the full performance of the car can be matched by the driver is the mail goal of this group.

Anton Heldal

Steering Wheel and Dashboard

Christian Wilhelmsen

Seat Design

Odin Kirkeby

Group Leader


The group is responsible for the converter-system accepting electrical energy from the grid, storing it in the vehicle and safely delivering it to the motor controller. Developing the in-house designed battery-system, employing safe monitoring tools and ensuring that any failure in the electrical system will not harm the driver or the crew are essential challenges for the Battery & Charging crew.

Kjetil Vasstein

Cell Connections

Stian Bjornes

Safety Circuit & Documentation

Kristian Roaldsnes

Battery Management System

Leif Arne Hatlem

Battery Casing

Eirik Johannes Larsen

Group Leader


The electronics group is responsible for sensors and data acquisition, providing essential telemetry during test drives as well as racing. Log data can either be collected from the data logging unit, or transmitted wirelessly to a PC when the car is running. An in-house developed software, Revolve Analyze, is used to display the data. The group is also responsible for the driver interface, wire harness and the control system for our adaptive suspension.

Jimmy Chau

Inertial Navigation System

Mikael Kvalvær


Kristian Svalland

Wire Harness

Matias Christensen

Revolve Analyze Developer

Joakim Skarding

Revolve Analyze Developer

Bjørn Omholt

Data Aquisition & Dashboard

Tobias Stene Hansteen


Jon Martin Haaland

Group Leader


The drivetrain group is responsible for the mechanical aspect of the tractive system. This includes converting the motors torque and speed to the wheels; this is achieved with an in-house developed gearbox. Paired with stiff carbon-composite driveshafts, which are also tested and engineered by our team members, we are aiming for the most responsive drivetrain to be fitted to a Revolve car. The group is also responsible for the differential; power distribution between the two tractive wheels.

Peder Aune


André Alexander Laleng

Group Leader


The suspension group is responsible for the dynamics of the car, including wheel assembly, steering system and brakes as well as the mechanical system for our adaptive suspension. The main objective of the suspension is to make the tires maintain grip during all driving situations. Focus is to make a car with good handling characteristics and consistent feedback to the driver.

Magnus Størdal Lund

Hubs & Uprights

Magnus Becher

Suspension Mounts & Steering

Knut Nielsen

Brake System

Simen August Tinderholt

Group Leader

Motor Control

The motor control group works on the systems that takes the DC voltage from the battery pack and produces the driving voltage that is sent to the electric motor. These systems consist of inverter, motor, ECU (Engine Control Unit), Tractive System Active Light, Ready To Drive Sound and Brake System Plausibility Device. Programming and configuration of the electronic devices is also something that the group members are working with.

Kjetil Kjeka

ECU Hardware Design

Daniel Midling

Fan Regulation & Sensor Control

Alfredo Clemente


Lars Helge Opsahl

Inverter Design

Olav Hagen Dahlen


Jonas Fossnes Blekastad

Group Leader


The aerodynamics group is responsible for external and internal flow and heat transfer. Through CFD analysis, they are developing an effective and lightweight aerodynamic package, using high-lift wings, the underbody, as well as the car itself, to create downforce. They also develop a water based cooling system for the electric motor and inverter, and an air based cooling system for the accumulator, designed to allow all the components to run at optimal temperatures.

Ole Christian Hermanrud

Production & Testing

Kasper Breistein

Ducts & Cooling

Marius Maaland

Aerodynamic Design

Vegar Torp

Aerodynamic Design

Martin Espedal Eie

CAD Manager

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Martin is responsible for all things CAD. He is working closely with every member to ensure top quality on all parts that are placed in or on the car as well as assessing producibility and possible challenges. Martin is also responsible for the design of the monocoque and packaging the car.

Saber Samee

Cost Event

Cost Event

Saber is responsible for the cost analysis and the Cost Event at the competition. In the Cost Event we demonstrate cost trade offs done in the development of the car in addition to present an extensive cost report, which estimates production cost of the car. Points earned in this section of the competition accounts for 10 percent of the final score.