Team 2018 will be the first ever team to participate in two different classifications during the summer’s competitions. Bigger than ever, this year’s team consists of 71 students from 15 different fields of study. Together, we will design, build, and test an electric and a driverless race car in 8 months. Every year, we compete in Formula Student, the world’s biggest engineering competition for students. We will compete at Formula 1 race tracks in Hungary, Austria and Germany this year. Hard work and close cooperation is essential for everything we do and is also the key factor for our former success.

Cornelia Reme-Ness

Project Manager

The Board

The board is responsible for managing the organization and the project. The board works closely with the group leaders to ensure that development projects are feasible, progression is made and budgets are kept. In addition, the board is responsible for the development of the organization, HSE and all other aspects included in the management of an engineering firm.
These are the chosen ones to lead the project into 2018 and the era of our very first driverless car.

Mons Erling Mathiesen

Administrative Manager

Amund Fjøsne

Chief Electrical Engineer

Fredrik Schmidt

Chief Mechanical Engineer

Mathias Backsæther

Chief Driverless Engineer

Aida Angell

Marketing Manager

Aida Angell

Marketing Manager


The marketing group is responsible for sponsorship agreements and follow-up, marketing and public relations as well as our web site and social media profiles. The group plans and carries out our yearly career day, RevolveDagen, and the official unveiling of the car. At the competition the marketing group is responsible for the business presentation.

Shobiha Premkumar

Key Account Manager Driverless Vehicle

Mats Aamodt Pettersen

Key Account Manager Electrical Vehicle

Nadia Chaudry

Event Manager

Mia Berge

Graphic Design

Ragnhild Kvisle Abildsnes

Film & Photography

John Chen

Software Team Leader


Revolve Analyze is our in-house developed software used to analyze data acquired from the car’s sensors. It receives real time telemetry data during test drives as well as racing, and is essential for continuously improving the car and drivers throughout the season.

Audun Wigum Arbo

Software Developer

Andreas Haukeland

Software Developer

Eivind Yu Nilsen

Software Developer

Odd Harald Sjursen Sande

Software Developer

Simen Norderud Jensen

System Administrator


Odin Aleksander Severinsen

Accumulator & Housing Team Leader

Accumulator & Housing

The Accumulator and Housing group is responsible for providing reliable high voltage and current from our in-house designed battery pack to the motors in the most efficient way possible. Employing safe monitoring tools and ensuring that any failure in the electrical system will not harm the driver or the crew are essential challenges.

Fabian Skarboe Rønningen


Thomas Overen

Wire Harness

Henrik Syrstad Moen

Battery & Inverter Casings

Yohann Jacob Sandvik

Electronics Team Leader


This group is responsible for all low voltage systems on the car, such as the driver interface, safety systems, wire harness, sensors and data acquisition. In addition, the Electronics group work closely with the Software group to transmit telemetry data wirelessly to their in-house developed software Revolve Analyze.

Adrian Leirvik Larsen

Accumulator Management System

Jonathan Selnes Bognæs

Accumulator Management System

Herman Sundklakk


Sindre Åberg Mokkelbost

Sensor System

Sondre Ninive Andersen


Tonja Joseph

Vehicle Control Unit

Dinosshan Thiagarajah


Ole Marius Forbord

Safety Systems

Magnus Kjærnet Bjølseth

Aerodynamics Team Leader


The aerodynamics group is responsible for external and internal flow and heat transfer. Through CFD analysis, they are developing an effective and lightweight aerodynamic package, using high-lift wings, the underbody, as well as the car itself, to create downforce. They also develop a water based cooling system for the electric motor and inverter, and an air based cooling system for the accumulator, designed to allow all the components to run at optimal temperatures.

Jens Mildestveit


Andreas Brostrøm

Production & Fasteners

Øyvind Sekkesæter


Håkon Myklestad


Simen Ekornåsvåg

Monocoque Team Leader and Chief of CAD


The monocoque group is responsible building and designing the monocoque, a self supporting bodywork made out of carbon fibre. They will integrate the driver environment and the parts of every other group into the car, while maintaining the safety of its components and the driver.

Anja Murud Gahre

SES & Simulation

Truls Mentzoni Skoglund


Håkon Eig Carlsen

Impact Attenuator

Eirik Bodsberg

Suspension Team Leader


The Suspension group is responsible for the dynamics of the car, and the mechanical aspect of the tractive system. These systems include the wheel assembly, steering system and brakes, and an in-house developed planetary gearbox, The main objective of the suspension is to make the tires maintain grip during all driving situations, and provide efficient power output from the motors. Our focus is to make a car with good handling characteristics and consistent feedback to the driver.

Kristoffer Haugland

Motor Development

Fredrik Cappelen


Emil Thyri

Torque Vectoring

Jacob Vigerust


Thomas Frekhaug

Torque Vectoring

Brage Vasseljen

Brake & Pedalbox

Thomas Herstad


Ole Andreas Ramsdal

Vehicle Dynamics

Sindre Korneliussen

Vehicle Dynamics

Herbert Wikheim

Drivers Team Leader


The drivers are responsible for driving the car itself, presenting the product of the engineers. They will train both physically and mentally in order to guide the car around the track as fast as possible with precision and caution. They also help guiding the engineers in making the best solutions with their expertise in driving theory.

Roberts Račko


Thomas Frekhaug


Truls Mentzoni Skoglund


Henrik Syrstad Moen



Didrik Galteland

Perception Team Leader


The Perception group is responsible for sensing the environment around the car. We first need to find the optimal sensors for the FSD competition. These will be sensors like cameras, lidars and INS data. When we have this data, we will start to detect specific objects (cones) from this data. When we know what the objects are, we can put their position in a map, which the Guidance & Control group will use to plan a trajectory. The Perception group also has the responsibility to visualize all driverless systems and also make a simulation tool that we can use to test all related algorithms

Thomas Frøysa

Detection & Tracking

Lasse Hansen Henriksen


Jakob Løver


Lars Gustavsen


Harald Lønsethagen

Guidance & Control Team Leader

Guidance & Control

In Guidance & Control, the goal is to plan an optimal route based on the car’s own position and the cone positions, in addition to calculating the correct parameters so that the car actually follows the route. Here, there will be a need to develop a system to find the optimal global route, taking into account the entire path, and a local route based on both the global route and what the sensors observe. In addition, the group is responsible for making software guidelines for the entire Driverless team, enabling efficient development and testing of large code blocks. The group is also responsible for choosing and implementing the processing unit of the autonomous system and the overall architecture of nodes used in the robot operating system (ROS).
Finnally, Guidance & Control is also doing research on a End-to-End solution, making use of powerful neural-networks to map raw sensor data directly to steering parameters.

Paul Frivold

Trajectory Planning

Øystein Hovind

Trajectory Planning

Sondre Midtskogen

Trajectory Following

Morten Smebye

Al Specialist

Marcus Engebretsen

ROS-Architect and Processing Responsible

Edvard Frimann Løes Narum


Bo Willem Woelfert

Vehicle Team Leader


Vehicle is the group responsible for our car, Eld, and all the changes that have to be done to make it function as a driverless vehicle. Our tasks include adding actuation systems and developing new electronics to control the car. We’re also responsible for all maintenance that has to be done to ensure that we can drive both safely and efficiently, pushing the autonomous system to the limit.

Anders Fagerli

Safety Systems

Even Krogedal

Braking System

Magnus Greger Leinan

Steering Systems

Ambjørn Grimsrud Waldum

Emergency Braking System

Bendik Holm


Robert Karlsen Tamang

Vehicle State