Team 2016 of Revolve NTNU consists of 53 members from 9 different engineering disciplines and all years of study. Together we will design and build Scandinavia’s first four-wheel driven electric car. Hard work and close cooperation makes a strong team that is essential for everything we do. Meet our team.

Roy Andreas Iversen

Project Manager

The Board

The board is responsible for managing the organization and the project. The board works closely with the group leaders to ensure that development projects are feasible, progression is made and budgets are kept. In addition, the board is responsible for the development of the organization, HSE and all other aspects included in the management of an engineering firm.

Eirik Johannes Larsen

Chief Engineer

Fredrik Samdal Solberg

Head of Marketing

Chanour Nasseri

Head of Finance

Leif Arne Hatlem

Elected Representative

Terje Mork

Elected Representative

Fredrik Samdal Solberg

Head of Marketing


The marketing group are responsible for sponsorship agreements and follow-up, marketing and public relations as well as our web site and social media profiles. The group plans and carry out our yearly Revolve Day and the official unveiling of the car. At the competition the marketing group is responsible for the business presentation.

Adam Joseph Zinafrazi


Maria Bjelland

Event Manager

Bjørn Gjertsen

Event Manager

Sebastian Dahle Knudsen

Graphic Design

Anders Geitle

Key Account Manager

Paul Minh Hoang Huynh

PR and Marketing

Anders Hauglid

Chief Aerodynamics


The aerodynamics group is responsible for external and internal flow and heat transfer. Through CFD analysis, they are developing an effective and lightweight aerodynamic package, using high-lift wings, the underbody, as well as the car itself, to create downforce. They also develop a water based cooling system for the electric motor and inverter, and an air based cooling system for the accumulator, designed to allow all the components to run at optimal temperatures.

Vetle Espeseth


Kristian Sagmo

Front Wing

Lars-Endre Johannessen

Production Manager

Tri Nguyen

Rear Wing

Mathias Solberg Olsen

Undertray and Diffuser

Fredrik Bjerkås

Chief Electronics


This group is responsible for all low voltage systems on the car, such as the driver interface, safety systems, wire harness, sensors and data acquisition. In addition, the Electronics group work closely with the Software group to transmit telemetry data wirelessly to their in-house developed software Revolve Analyze.

Sondre Ninive Andersen

Battery Management System

Walid Faryabi

Dashboard and Data Acquisition

Finn Matras

Electronic Control Unit

Daniel Svendsen

Sensors and Cooling

Lars Borge Hellesylt


Mikael Kvalvær

Tractive System Indicators

Peder Severin Søndenå

Wire Harness

Terje Mork

Chief Monocoque


The monocoque group is responsible building and designing the monocoque, a self supporting bodywork made out of carbon fibre. They will integrate the driver environment and the parts of every other group into the car, while maintaining the safety of its components and the driver.

Kjetil Bru Loland

Battery Casing

John-Arne Berg Sivertsen


Sindre Sataslåtten


Eirik Monteagle Browne

Impact Attenuator

Magnus Becher

Insert, Brackets and Fibersim

Øyvind Sanden

Inverter Casing

Marcus Kolberg

Production and Testing

Erik Vassøy Olsen


Kristian Roaldsnes

Chief Power Systems

Power Systems

The Power Systems group is responsible for providing reliable high voltage current from our in-house designed battery pack to the motors in the most efficient way possible. They will also develop our torque vectoring system for complete control over the four motors. Employing safe monitoring tools and ensuring that any failure in the electrical system will not harm the driver or the crew are essential challenges.

Sindre Nordang

Battery Cells

Ørjan Gjengedal

ECU Software

Bjørn Omholt

Torque Vectoring

Sondre Hamarheim Westad

Electrical Connections

Anders Bjørkto


Simen August Tinderholt


Jakob Løver

Chief Software


Revolve Analyze is our in-house developed software used to analyze data acquired from the car’s sensors. It receives real time telemetry data during test drives as well as racing, and is essential for continuously improving the car and drivers throughout the season.

Fredrik Opeide

Revolve Analyze

Tollef Jørgensen

Revolve Analyze

Jens Mildestveit

Chief Suspension

Suspension and Drivetrain

The Suspension and Drivetrain group is responsible for the dynamics of the car, and the mechanical aspect of the tractive system. These systems include the wheel assembly, steering system and brakes, and an in-house developed planetary gearbox, The main objective of the suspension is to make the tires maintain grip during all driving situations, and provide efficient power output from the motors. Our focus is to make a car with good handling characteristics and consistent feedback to the driver.

Leif Arne Hatlem

Brakes and Pedal Box

Peder August Aune


Lennard Bösch

Gearbox and Upright

André Alexander Laleng

Motor Development

Anders Engebakken


Håkon Ystenæs


Jørgen Eliassen


Kurt Erik Nesje

Vehicle Dynamics